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T h e  S t o r y  o f  O u r  C o l l e c t i v e  S o  F a r

We are a group of artisans who have been inspired not only to craft items so that people can write beautiful stories with our tools in their hands, but so that people can be empowered to script new life stories.

Jon Tello is the founding pen maker for the SNS Collective. As a pen maker for 5+ years he has had the privilege of being part of the amazing international pen community and he is grateful for the opportunity to come together with others who want to use their talent and craft to make a real difference in the world.

Jon and his wife moved to Italy 12 years ago where they worked with a Christian non-profit. While there they encountered the darker realities in that nation including the very real problem of human trafficking. They were compelled to do something to make a difference. However, they found that even when uniting our efforts with other anti-trafficking advocates nationwide there was critical missing piece. If a victim wanted to escape, there was virtually nowhere for her to go where she would receive the care she needed.


Alba was that missing piece. After years of development, they were able to help open the Alba Safe House and Recovery Program - a place where survivors of trafficking and their children can receive wrap-around care that is tailored to their needs. They have a chance to experience restoration instead of exploitation. In summer 2022 a survivor became the first resident at Alba and participant in the recovery program and the hope is to serve many more in the years to come.


While the Tellos are based in the USA now, they personally know the people who are directing the work at Alba, are in regular communication them, and continue to be involved in various aspects. You can rest assured that the funds generated will go directly to sustain the life changing work going on there so that survivors have the chance to begin again and write new life stories.

Alba’s operations are dependent on donations and additional funding is needed to keep their doors open. We are honored by the involvement of those in this Collective and the support of all who purchase and donate through SNS so that together we can help make that possible.

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