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Image by Henry & Co.


Limited Edition Fountain Pen (21 Pieces)

The Story Behind the "Gloria" Pen

This stunning collaborative Limited Edition fountain pen is almost as bold and beautiful as the story that inspired it.

As the first pen to be sold in the SNS Collective Shop, Hellotello Studios thoughtfully designed "Gloria" to represent our heart for seeing lives transformed for the better. Gloria is a survivor of exploitation who has been changed because of our beneficiary,

the Alba Safe House & Recovery Program.


Survivors like Gloria were once trapped in such dark places that they often lost sight of the light and forgot what hope looks like. Alba gives them the chance to believe that things can be better again. Alba means “sunrise” and is symbolic of the belief that new beginnings are possible for those who are given the opportunity to break free from the darkness of commercial sexual exploitation. Once they see a little hope on the horizon, healing can begin. Light can flood in, and they can overcome.


This pen material was created by Starry Night Resins to uniquely portray the movement from darkness to light as hope rises. It is meant to be a reminder that like the sunrise, light can overcome the night. The pain of the trauma and suffering will always be part of a survivor's story, but it can be redeemed. The red ribbons throughout the material represent that theme in their lives. The red ink window is a glimpse into how it changes you in ways seen and unseen. But the nib, custom made in a red by the Hinze Pen Co., reminds us that the pain can be redeemed and used to write new chapters in a better story. Finally, the precious stones on the top and bottom of the pen symbolize that survivors are like treasures who should be valued and loved. 


Gloria* is a survivor who was the first resident at Alba to begin a journey of restoration. Her favorite colors are black and white so we know she would love this pen. She is also living the reality it portrays - fighting to live in freedom even when the darkness tries to creep back in. She says that Alba is the only place where she has felt love and we get to be a small part of making that possible. 


Collect this limited edition crafted in honor of Gloria and all the women who will have the chance to see their darkness fade and transform to new life in the light. You will be purchasing more than a pen. You will be empowering her transformation. From brokenness to healing. From exploitation to restoration. From survivor to thriver.


*Gloria is a protective name used to protect her identity



  • Gloria Material: Resin custom made by Starry Night Resin

  • Red Ink Window 

  • Stone Inlay: Natural Dendrite Stone (finial) and Natural Red Jasper Stone (bottom of the barrel)



  • #6 Bock Nib (Nano ceramic electro-plated color by Hinze Pen Co)

  • Ink Converter



  • Length: 5.5 inches (all these pens are handmade and will vary slightly in measurements)-

  • Width: 2 versions available - 13.5mm at widest point (grip Section) and 15.5 mm at widest point (grip section)

Your purchase is for a pre-order to be delivered in early 2023.


**100% of the sale will be donated to the ALBA Safe House**

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